Acceptance, of this lifelong sentence

The essence is present, the truth has been found

The sad fact, that I am forever bound

In a life of emptiness and sadness

It’s all just madness

How did I get to this point?

All I do is disappoint

Can’t help myself and can’t be saved

My fate has been sealed, deeply engraved

No going back, I’ve learned my lesson

These 5 years have made such an impression

I am no longer me, there’s no going back

So hard to accept, the world is black

Children’s laughter breaks through, what should I do?

Those shining lights that shine so bright

A father, growing older, now 60 years old

His daughter, now 30, growing cold

Her soul, young but full of mould

Such a story, left untold

She can’t breathe, she can’t speak, there’s nothing more to say

The overfilling of the leftover decay

Decay has been building, and life has been shrinking

Oh how she had such wishful thinking

She looks at herself in photos, of the life previously lead

You would never understand the utter dread

The dread of change, the dread of reality

The explosion of realising her mortality

Mortal souls, painful soles, living a life void of goals

Pointless life, wasted breath, leading onwards to her death

Let us backtrack now, and try and see hope

She’s still holding on tightly to that bit of rope

Try and think positive, that’s all she can do

She refuses to open her eyes, and see what’s true

There are boundaries, there are limits, nobody can deny

It’s now pretty constant, her hopeless cry

Endless tears, full of fears, fed up of all these years

So hold your glasses up and say a ‘cheers’